Welcome to my website. My name is Andrea Vertel and I am a ceramic artist. When I am working I take all the happiness and sadness that I have experienced through my life then I mold it into clay, and burn it, to share it with others. I fell in love with clay when I was a child, and I chose ceramics as my form of self-expression. In thirty years, I have made a lot of ceramics, and attended many exhibitions with them. I created a virtual exhibition, showing images of my works, from the beginning, until now. Even I was surprised to see how one period is built upon the other. My works, along with me, get through constant changes as they develop. The main goal of this website is to invite visitors to my workshop. Besides showing my ceramics that are available for purchase, I also wanted to exhibit some outstanding sculptures that were created in the last couple of years. Here, I also provide news about my current works, exhibitions, and other programs that I will attend. I also give tips about how you could redecorate your home with ceramics.