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Looking from the garden

My thoughts about the garden

On summer mornings, I love to walk through my garden, to check up on my plants. To see as the ferns put out their curved leaves, or as the silky fiery crumpled petals burst out from the poppy’s hairy buds. And, by the time they smoothen out, the fine stamens and the black stigma come out. My sculptures are inspired by these scenes of nature.


Hétvégi piknik Either we live in a garden house, or in a city flat, we love to invite nature into our most personal space. We could create a jungle on our balcony, or a literally living room in our garden. We can sleep in the shade in a deckchair, and smell the dizzying scent of the daturas in the evening. Int he morning, we can have a coffee on the terrace, or lounge in a comfy rocking chair while immersing ourselves in an exciting book.


Similarly to the living room we could transform our garden in our own image. We choose our plants to bring us pleasure when we look at them. For example, we can create a mediterranean atmosphere by putting a yellow climbing rose on a pergola or setting a lavender bush with their blue flowers. We could watch the chards in the kitchen garden, or smell the fantastic scent of the tomatoes. It is up to you whether you plant it in an order or wildly as they grow in the meadows. All these choices tell a lot about us.



Water is a natural atmospheric element in every garden. Be it a lake, a creek, or a bird bath. The shiny surface attracts the dragonflies, butterflies and birds. The other element, stone can be materialized by natural rocks, or a finely shaped stone bench, or by garden ceramics. This environment can become more personal by a fisherman figure, sitting on the jetty of the lake; or by an iron-legged bird standing in the sedge. A ceramic sparrow peeking inside from the windowsill; a sunbathing lady, as she streches her legs in the water; a ceramic frog as it loafs under a leaf. We can turn shady northern gardens, where just a few plants blossom, into lush jungle by installing colorful ceramic flowers. Stick them into the ground, and it creates a flamboyant scenery among the other green leaves.

Gyíkok Békák a tavon


Sárga Páva



Through the eyes of a garden designer


Próféta békákkal

The ceramic sculptures of Andrea Vertel


”Sculptures in a garden? Why, they should be put into homes or museums instead!” – some might say, but we should not listen to this!


We tend to imagine our home as a wall-confined space, and in most cases we think about the garden as the source of nagging tasks. However, if we treat our home and garden as a  living space, the quality of life gets more richer.


People of the aincent times knew that, and this was the reason they decorated their surrounding areas not only with plants but also works of art, thus creating the basis for garden culture.


Here we have humanity with a thousands-year-long experience in garden decoration, yet in Hungary, there are still a great deal of undecidedness in this area.

While we only have to imagine a living room in our garden. It is the latest approach, where you need to dream about a light space, without walls, where you can also figure out how to have a good time. The works of Andrea Vertel provide great help for this with her frostproof works that are specially created for outside use. Her animal figures, the cachepots and most of all, the human figures with their loud exuberance, all made with a pinch of irony, vivid colors, as they bring refreshing animation to every garden space.


 Tamás Szemerics

New Garden Garden Center