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Garden atmosphere with ceramic sculptures

I make frostproof ceramic garden sculptures, and vessels.
I design my figures to become special gifts, and decorative objects.
My works have their own personalities, and people start to communicate with them – either if it’s a vessel, a wall fountain, an animal or a human figure.


While living among these works we can attune to the small quivers of our soul.

Ülő nő Napozó békák


When seeing this dreaming fisherman, one could recognize himself as someone who forgot to enjoy the wonders of the moment, and instead just chased unreachable dreams.

Pecás Sellő
Leszúrós virágok

With their warm and vivid colors, my scluptures bring a mediterran lifestyle to your home.

Macskák Szirénes falikút
Brűgölő nőcik

Their frostproof material helps the garden to look alive during the winter.

Téli hangulat Sárga nagy páva télen

Many people want to know whether my garden sculptures fade while being exposed to the sun, or rain. I use engobes (earth- paint), which means that I mix the pigment with a slip that was made from the same material as the object, and then I fire them together in my kiln. I then rub the painted surfaces with some colorless glaze. The thermal expansion of the object and the paint is the same, and therefore it does not crackle nor does it chip off. The thin glaze also makes my sculptures abraision-resistant. During the firing, the glaze works similarly to glass as it melts onto the object it becomes one with it.

Kukucskáló páva

Sárga nagy páva